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Um is that my mickey


Um is that my mickey

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"We are getting married today. We can’t get a divorce because you’re leaving tomorrow. And since you don’t seem to have the thought of saying that you love me, I will even say your part. I love you, Do Minjoon. As you live way longer than I do, you will forget eventually, but a perfect woman such as me really loved and liked you a lot. Don’t forget and feel proud about it.” - Cheon Songyi

“The greatest power I possess is stopping time. For uncountable number of times, I stopped time. And in those times you do not know of, I said this: I love you, Cheon Songyi. Because if I told you while time was flowing by, I felt that everything would flow away and disappear. So…I told you while time stopped. I love you, Cheon Songyi. I love you." - Do Minjoon

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I Love You - 저스트 (Just)

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why this reminded me of that.

TOP: My Love From The Stars

BOTTOM: My Sassy Girl

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Favorite Kdrama Intros?


Right now I love the intro for My Love From Another Star


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His look of disappointment and sadness gets me. I love that though people have continuously betrayed and disappointed him for more than 400 years, Min-joon still has hope and believes in others

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